Funding Package

Harvard Teacher Fellows, in partnership with our Teaching Residency placement schools, provides a generous funding package for Fellows, which includes:

  • Tuition and books for all for teacher licensure courses (40 credits)
  • Tuition for all courses for the optional Master's Degree program, except the 6 credits that Fellows cover*
  • Reimbursement for all Massachusetts teaching licensure fees
  • Reimbursement for all licensure fees associated with the Teaching Residency placement
  • Summer I and Summer II housing
  • Summer I and Summer II living stipend ($20 per day)**
  • Summer I and Summer II transportation stipend ($150 per summer)
  • Teaching Residency salary, paid by the placement school, proportional to their teaching load (varies by Fellow). For example, if a resident has a 50% teaching load, they are paid 50% of a first-year teacher's salary.
  • Teaching Residency stipend paid by HTF, which, when added to the salary paid by the placement school, meets 120% of the estimated cost of living for the placement city***
  • Travel and lodging for HTF events
  • A $1000 relocation stipend for the residency year

*At the 2019-20 tuition rate, $1,567/credit, the 6 credits of the Ed.M that Fellows cover costs  them around $9,400. By comparison, a regular Ed.M. from HGSE costs $50,114 (2019-20 tuition). The HTF fellowship covers the remaining 40 credits of Fellows' HTF coursework.

**In 2019, Cohort 4 was on campus for 50 days in the summer and received a $1,000 living stipend (Summer I); Cohort 3 was on campus for 36 days and received a $720 living stipend (Summer II)

***In 2019-20, the median funding received during the Teaching Residency is $38,174 (inclusive of salary paid by placement school and the stipend paid by HTF) 

Financial Aid

HTF does not offer federal loans, but financial aid may be available in the form of private student loans; eligibility should be determined on an individual basis by contacting HGSE’s Financial Aid Office.

Applicants are encouraged to apply for the The Laura Houghteling Memorial Fellowship through the Harvard College Office of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships. The Fellowship provides $4000 to 1-2 Harvard seniors entering the teaching profession, to reduce student loan indebtedness.