Funding Package

Harvard Teacher Fellows, in partnership with our Teaching Residency placement schools, provides a generous funding package for Fellows, which includes:

  • Tuition and books for all for teacher licensure courses
  • Tuition for all courses for the optional Master's Degree program, with the exception of 6 credits that Fellows cover
  • Reimbursement for all Massachusetts teaching licensure fees
  • Reimbursement for all licensure fees associated with the Teaching Residency placement
  • Summer I and Summer II housing
  • Summer I and Summer II living stipend ($20 per day)*
  • Teaching Residency 1/2-time salary of a first-year teacher, paid by the placement school
  • Teaching Residency stipend paid by HTF, which, when added to the 1/2-time salary paid by the placement school, meets 115% of the estimated cost of living for the placement city**
  • Travel and lodging for HTF events
  • A $1000 relocation stipend for the residency year

*In 2017, Cohort 2 was on campus for 60 days in the summer and received a $1,200 living stipend (Summer I); Cohort 1 was on campus for 30 days and received a $600 living stipend (Summer II)

**In 2017, the median funding received during the Teaching Residency was $30,575 (1/2-time salary paid by placement school + stipend paid by HTF)

Financial Aid

HTF does not offer federal loans, but financial aid may be available in the form of private student loans; eligibility should be determined on an individual basis by contacting HGSE’s Financial Aid Office.