Training Overview



Spring of Senior Year at Harvard College

After acceptance, Fellows enroll in the 4-credit undergraduate course “Introduction to Teaching and Learning in Schools,” which engages in an in-depth investigation of teaching and learning in middle and high schools. Fellows also enroll in the 2-credit graduate course “Introduction to Teaching Residency,” which prepares Fellows for the Teaching Residency experience, including interviews and site visits to nationwide partner schools.

Summer I

Fellows begin coursework and intensive fieldwork, teaching summer school in local urban schools while being supervised by HTF faculty and mentor teachers.

Teaching Residency

Fellows participate in an academic year of field-based training at one of our nationwide partner schools. While teaching a reduced course load, Fellows receive intensive coaching from HTF faculty and mentor teachers, complete online coursework, and return to HGSE in the winter for a 3-day professional development retreat.

Summer II

Fellows return to HGSE for a second summer of intensive fieldwork and to complete coursework. At the end of the summer, Fellows complete requirements for teacher licensure in Massachusetts*, and the optional master’s degree.

Beyond the Fellowship

Once Fellows begin teaching full-time, they continue to receive professional development and support during their first two years of teaching through HTF’s Early Career Engagement (ECE) program. Fellows are encouraged to continue to teach in high-need, urban secondary schools.

*Most states have reciprocal licensing agreements, so Fellows don't need to teach in MA after completing the program.