In HTF, History Fellows learn to create and lead classrooms where students critique and construct narratives of the past, develop critical stances to issues in the present, and learn to transform the world.

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You will learn to:

Teach Critical Literacy:

  • Help students develop and construct arguments about the past and support it with analysis and evidence
  • Engage all readers in critically analyzing primary source texts (making texts accessible; centering all instruction around texts; designing opportunities for students to discuss, think, and write about primary sources)
  • Facilitate text-based, student-centered discussion

Engage Students with Concepts and Content

Use essential questions and themes to highlight key aspects of history and connect them to today (i.e. social movements, belief systems, race, class, power, gender/sexuality, immigration, voting rights, etc.).

  • Make history relevant to students
  • Connect topics, events, and trends across time 
  • Teach students to analyze and apply concepts to the past and the present
  • Explore ideas that are central to the discipline and important to you as the teacher

Design and Implement Equity-Oriented Curriculum:

Employ principles of curriculum design to develop powerful learning experiences that:

  • Support all learners in rigorous engagement with history and social studies
  • Focus instruction around diverse and underrepresented perspectives
  • Examine oppression and resistance to oppression
  • Cultivate a critical stance that knowledge is constructed, contested, and influenced by power dynamics