Fellows spend two summers and a full academic year teaching in urban classrooms, gaining critical experience writing and implementing lesson plans, managing classroom behavior, collaborating with school staff, and building relationships with students and families. We believe time in the classroom is imperative to learning to teach; by the time Fellows graduate from HTF and earn their teacher certification, they have had over 12 months of fieldwork experience leading classrooms, significantly more than most teacher training programs.


  • Summer I and II: During the month of July, Fellows teach summer school at Chelsea High School, Monday-Thursday, 7am-2:30pm. On Fridays, Fellows lesson-plan, debrief with their mentor teachers, and attend workshops on teaching and learning.


  • Residency Year: From August to June, Fellows teach a reduced teaching load (2-3 classes) at one of our partner schools. They are the teacher of record for their classes, and get involved in their school communities outside of class too (leading clubs, joining committees, supervising lunch, etc).





HTF hires expert teachers to work with each HTF Fellow during their summers in Chelsea and their academic residency year. Mentor teachers work at the Fellows’ school site and are selected by school and HTF leadership. Fellows and their mentor teachers identify target goals throughout the year and use evidence (lesson plans, student work, observations) to document their progress.


  • Summer Coaching: Mentor teachers are in the classroom with Fellows each day. This intensive immersion allows Fellows to receive daily, targeted feedback on their practice.

  • Residency Year: Mentor teachers observe and meet with their Fellow each week to go over lesson planning, class management, and any problems of practice or areas of growth they identify. The mentor teacher also collaborates with the Fellow’s HTF Faculty advisor to ensure Fellows are progressing towards goals and teaching proficiency.