English Language Arts

In HTF, English Fellows learn to create classrooms in which students can become strong and engaged readers, writers, and critical thinkers.


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In English methods courses, Fellows focus on asking and answering the questions that will be central to their practice as English teachers.  Some of the questions fellows grapple with throughout the year are listed below: 

  • What is teaching for social justice and how do I apply the concept in an English class? 

  • How can teaching English help me deepen my students’ understandings of their racial, gendered, ethnic, and other social identities? 

  • Which texts should I teach? How important is it to teach texts from the so-called ‘English Canon’? 

  • How much time should my students spend reading (or writing, or discussing) during class time vs. outside of class time? 

  • To what extent should I teach formulaic writing (such as the five paragraph essay) vs. more creative writing? 

  • Should I allow students to have free-form discussions or more structured discussions in my class? Which type(s) of discussions are most supported by research as tools for learning? 

  • Can state and federal standards be used to enhance and deepen teaching? 

  • What are the smartest ways to use data in my classroom without losing a sense of my students as people? 

  • How do I build relationships with students through building students’ relationships with the texts they read?