Early Career Engagement

Professional Learning Communities
HTF alumni will develop, lead, and participate in online professional learning communities with other alumni. These communities will engage in deep conversation, research, and collaboration around topics of their choosing, such as teaching with technology; differentiating instruction; incorporating primary sources into their classrooms.

Online Mini-Modules
HTF alumni can take short, online professional development courses taught by HTF and other HGSE faculty to improve and refine their practice.

Leadership & Engagement Opportunities
HTF alumni will have the opportunity to take on leadership and engagement roles, such as conducting research with HTF faculty; developing or organizing professional development trainings at their schools; joining the ECS design committee; serving as a Teaching Fellow or course assistant for HTF courses; or mentoring current HTF Fellows.


HTF alumni will have access to one-on-one coaching from expert mentor teachers. The goal of this personalized support is that it will allow Fellows to improve their practice, move toward mastery, or address challenges they are experiencing in the classroom.