In addition to intensive fieldwork and coaching, Fellows complete coursework at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE). The courses are held on campus during the summers and online during the Teaching Residency; they include a combination of full-, half-, and quarter-time courses, which meet between four and 14 times per term.

*Only required of students who pursue the master’s degree.



Spring of Senior Year


T200 Introduction to Teaching & Learning in Schools (Tuesdays 10am-1pm, Spring 2018)

T211V Introduction to Teaching Residency (Wednesdays 7-9pm, Spring 2018)

Summer I

T201 Teaching Lab

T210Z1 Dimensions of Diversity: English Language Learners

T211Y Social Emotional Learning

T211K1 Action Research IA*

Methods I: Introduction to Teaching (T222A ELA, T224A History/SS, T226A Math, or T228A Science)

Fieldwork I: Practicum (T231A ELA, T233A History/SS, T235A Math, or T237A Science)


Teaching Residency - Fall



T211K2 Action Research IB*

T211Q Teaching Exceptional Learners in Inclusive Classrooms

Methods II: Teaching (T222B ELA, T224B History/SS, T226B Math, or T228B Science)

Fieldwork II: Supported Independent Teaching (T231B ELA, T233B History/SS, T235B Math, or T237B Science)

Teaching Residency - Spring

Methods III: Teaching (T222C ELA, T224C History/SS, T226C Math, or T228C Science)

Fieldwork III: Supported Independent Teaching  (T231C ELA, T233C History/SS, T235C Math, or T237C Science)

T211K3 Action Research IIA*

T211H Education Psychology: Classroom Implications


Summer II

T211K4 Action Research IIB*

Teaching Diverse Learners: Closing Gaps & Extending Learning*

Family and Community Engagement

Methods IV: Analysis of Issues in Teaching (ELA, History/SS, Math, or Science)

Fieldwork IV: Supervised Student Teaching  (ELA, History/SS, Math, or Science)

Summer course numbers to be confirmed