Applying as a Harvard College Alumni

"HTF is an amazing program with incredible faculty. Joining as an alumni, in my opinion, helps you really get the most out of all the program has to offer " - Molly Perlmutter, Cohort 3 Fellow and alumni applicant

While the majority of each HTF Cohort consists of Harvard College graduating seniors, Harvard College alumni of all ages are encouraged to apply to HTF. We value the varied experiences that alumni bring to the cohort community. HTF began accepting applications from alumni in 2016, and we’ve had 16 alumni join the program since, coming to HTF after working in schools, nonprofits, consulting, research, and other areas. If you’re a Harvard College alumni interested in becoming a social justice educator in urban US schools, HTF is the program for you!


As you consider applying to HTF, it’s important to understand how our off-cycle calendar might affect your situation. Admitted students are notified of their acceptance in early December, and HTF begins in late January; as a result, alumni applicants need to be prepared for a quick transition into HTF. Our program runs 19 months, from January to July, and requires students to be present on-campus for the first part-time spring semester. For alumni, this may mean:

  • Finding housing in the Cambridge area for the first spring semester

  • Finding part-time employment for the first spring semester

  • Transitioning back into being a student and the Harvard community

This guide has tips from current alumni in HTF to help alumni applicants navigate HTF’s unique structure. We hope you find it helpful!