The mission of Harvard Teacher Fellows is to prepare teachers to promote educational equity through skillful teaching that prioritizes academic rigor, relationship building, and continuous learning.

We provide an innovative pathway into teaching for those committed to making a positive impact in high-need urban schools.

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Figure it Out Yourself

Figure it Out Yourself

September 26, 2016

Harvard Gazette

On the first day of class, the instructor handed out spaghetti, string, tape, and marshmallows to the eight students gathered around a table and asked them to build the tallest possible freestanding structure and place the marshmallow on top, in 18 minutes...

Harvard's New Approach to America's Teacher Deficit

Harvard's New Approach to America's Teacher Deficit

August 14, 2016

The Atlantic

When Kia Turner began college, she didn’t plan on a career as a public-school teacher. “I came into college thinking I was going to go into corporate law,” said 22-year-old Turner, who graduated from Harvard this spring. But after working at an after-school program, “I kind of realized I wanted to spend my time working for kids.”...

Learning to Change the World

Learning to Change the World

June 1, 2016

Harvard Gazette - by DREW FAUST

One of the highlights of my spring semester is speaking with members of the senior class about their plans for the future. Some leave Harvard College in continuing pursuit of longstanding goals ....

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